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2020-08-25more formatting issuesupstream/latestMichael Kerber
2020-08-25Idented code again (md-Syntax)mkerber
2020-08-24Added download tag for new versionMichael Kerber
2020-08-24CosmeticsMichael Kerber
2020-08-24Increased version numberMichael Kerber
2020-08-24New method "set_dimension" to control the number of rows in the matrix, if ne...Michael Kerber
2020-08-24Removed indentation in example to easier copy-and-paster on command lineMichael Kerber
2020-08-24Fixed python wrapper with respect to updateMichael Kerber
2020-08-24Missing fileMichael Kerber
2020-08-24Merged in column_refactoring (pull request #4)mkerber
2020-03-09Merged in xoltar/phat/example-use-default-repr (pull request #2)Bryn Keller
2020-03-09Merged in xoltar/phat/fix-2 (pull request #3)Bryn Keller
2018-07-16Support constructing columns when the boundary is not sorted, plus some white...Bryn Keller
2018-05-18Column types are separated, and the matrix representation is more general in ...Michael Kerber
2017-01-30Use default representation for example rather than vector_vectorBryn Keller
2017-01-24updated version numbers and copyrightv1.5Ulrich Bauer
2017-01-24Merge branch 'python-pr' into masterUlrich Bauer
2017-01-05added PHAT paper referenceUlrich Bauer
2017-01-04Merge branch 'master' into python-prUlrich Bauer
2017-01-04inline functions to avoid linker problemsUlrich Bauer
2016-12-19Function dualize_persistence_pairs made inline to avoid linker problemmkerber
2016-12-12Merge commit 'd8ef50e225f7abfbf8d085c808e77857827e5274' into python-prUlrich Bauer
2016-12-08Added note that phat module can be installed with pip, without downloading so...Bryn Keller
2016-12-08Updated to mention the Python bindings, set python bindings version...Bryn Keller
2016-12-09preparing for 1.5 releaseUlrich Bauer
2016-11-30Moved to root so that we could avoid need for symbolic link. Updated...Bryn Keller
2016-11-24Merged in mihaic/phat/add-pybind-user (pull request #1)Bryn Keller
2016-11-23Add support for user level pybind11 installationsMihai Capotă
2016-05-13updated version number in readme titlev1.4.1Ulrich Bauer
2016-05-11updated download linkUlrich Bauer checks for Python 2.7.11 or greaterBryn Keller
2016-05-02Various tweaks to support Python 2.7Bryn Keller
2016-05-02TypoBryn Keller
2016-05-02RST literal format different from markdown'sBryn Keller
2016-05-02Updated to show Linux and Mac both working for 2.7 and 3.5Bryn Keller
2016-05-02Tested with system Python 2.7 on Ubuntu as well as Anaconda Python 3.5 on UbuntuBryn Keller
2016-05-02Added readme section on installation, removed code that blocked execution und...Bryn Keller
2016-04-13Correction for dimensions propertyBryn Keller
2016-03-11Fixed sample complex diagram formatting in readme and doc stringBryn Keller
2016-03-11Updated README to use the more pythonic APIBryn Keller
2016-03-10Simplified, more Pythonic API, with additional documentationBryn Keller
2016-03-07Python interface to PHATBryn Keller
2015-10-28readmeUlrich Bauer
2015-03-19Merge commit '28e34af047c621cfabe31a39b408c85f01363621'Ulrich Bauer
2015-03-02Corrected the code to include Gabriel test (not tested yet)
2015-02-24added std:: to setiosflags to phat and benchmark so it
2015-02-02chunk sqrtUlrich Bauer
2014-06-03faster column addition for