AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-10-07Merge branch 'janitor-team/proposed/tikzit-lintian-fixes' into debian/siddebian/sidGard Spreemann
2020-09-07Set upstream metadata fields: Bug-Database, Bug-Submit, Repository, Repositor...Debian Janitor
2020-08-20DH compat 13.Gard Spreemann
2020-08-20Update changelog.Gard Spreemann
2020-08-20Merge tag 'v2.1.6' into debian/sidGard Spreemann
2020-08-18pushed tikzit versionupstream/latestAleks Kissinger
2020-04-29Merge pull request #65 from adi64/masterAleks Kissinger
2020-04-29invert horizontal scrolling so it behaves the same as e.g. gimpAdrian Holfter
2020-04-25some sample tikz filesAleks Kissinger
2020-04-22reverted (again!) deprecated command fixAleks Kissinger
2020-04-19add path as backgroundAleks Kissinger
2020-04-19draw fill color in edge style iconAleks Kissinger
2020-04-18set no fill and no drawAleks Kissinger
2020-04-18deleting works correctly with pathsAleks Kissinger
2020-04-18fixed pasting for pathsAleks Kissinger
2020-04-14Standards-version.debian/2.1.5-1Gard Spreemann
2020-04-14Merge tag 'v2.1.5' into debian/sidGard Spreemann
2020-04-13automatically expact selection to pathAleks Kissinger
2020-04-13split path worksAleks Kissinger
2020-04-13adding and drawing paths worksAleks Kissinger
2020-04-13ability to make paths from edgesAleks Kissinger
2020-04-13logo tikzstylesAleks Kissinger
2020-04-12tikz logo in tikzitAleks Kissinger
2020-04-12parsing and outputting complex pathsAleks Kissinger
2020-04-12added support for parsing pathsAleks Kissinger
2020-04-10updated gitignorev2.1.5Aleks Kissinger
2020-04-10check for auto-repeating key before switching tool (fixes #58)Aleks Kissinger
2020-04-10keyboard navigation for stylesAleks Kissinger
2020-04-10toggle show node labels from View menu (closes #62)Aleks Kissinger
2020-04-09added macos target to appveyorAleks Kissinger
2020-04-09split appveyor config by OSAleks Kissinger
2020-04-09Revert "fixed use of deprecated yacc flags"Aleks Kissinger
2020-04-09updated qt version on appveyor/windowsAleks Kissinger
2020-04-09fixed use of deprecated yacc flagsAleks Kissinger
2019-12-29fixed latex fixes #71 fixes #72Aleks Kissinger
2019-12-28Depend on tex-common.debian/2.1.4-4Gard Spreemann
2019-12-28Standards-version.debian/2.1.4-3Gard Spreemann
2019-12-28Install style file. This also requires new build-depends.Gard Spreemann
2019-07-16Update changelog.debian/2.1.4-2Gard Spreemann
2019-07-16Change maintainer email address.Gard Spreemann
2019-07-16Standards-version bump.Gard Spreemann
2019-05-28Recommend preview-latex-style.Gard Spreemann
2019-05-16implement horizontal scrolling while holding shift (only ifAdrian Holfter
2019-02-13Rules-requires-root: no.Gard Spreemann
2019-02-05Update changelog.debian/2.1.4-1Gard Spreemann
2019-02-05Merge tag 'v2.1.4' into debian/sidGard Spreemann
2019-02-04removed depricated (?) --with-qt option from poppler in mac buildAleks Kissinger
2019-02-02push versionAleks Kissinger
2019-02-01recognise more tex symbolsv2.1.4Aleks Kissinger
2019-01-31replace tex constants with unicode equivalentAleks Kissinger