AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-01-21Clean out upstream www stuff and Xcode files.dfsg/latestGard Spreemann
2013-05-07GTK: 1.0 releasev1.0Alex Merry
2013-05-07Change "preferences" to "configuration"Alex Merry
2013-05-07GTK+: One preview window per main windowAlex Merry
2013-04-02Prevent toolbox getting lost when minimising windowsAlex Merry
2013-03-27Allow empty anchor namesAlex Merry
2013-03-26Add edge anchor editing to GTK portAlex Merry
2013-03-25Catch some memory leaksAlex Merry
2013-03-25Fix issues found by the clang static analyzerAlex Merry
2013-03-25Fix clang warningsAlex Merry
2013-03-24GTK: print backtrace on unhandled exceptionsAlex Merry
2013-03-24GTK: highlight the bad symbol on parse errorsAlex Merry
2013-03-24Add methods to Graph to create from tikzAlex Merry
2013-03-24Document TikzGraphAssemblerAlex Merry
2013-03-24Make first/last_column count character offsetsAlex Merry
2013-03-24Disable the "remove properties" button when no property is selectedAlex Merry
2013-03-24Remove unused init methodsAlex Merry
2013-03-23Fixes to the parser error-reporting codeAlex Merry
2013-03-23Fix line counting for newlines in non-INITIAL modesAlex Merry
2013-03-23Store parsed graph propertiesAlex Merry
2013-03-23Bring back parser/lexer error reportingAlex Merry
2013-03-23Make the parser/lexer reentrantAlex Merry
2013-03-23Annotate token declarations in parserAlex Merry
2013-03-23Make the parser more coherentAlex Merry
2013-03-22Rewrite the lexer to be context-awareAlex Merry
2013-03-22Anchors can have spaces in themAlex Merry
2013-03-22Add debugging option to Select toolAlex Merry
2013-03-22When the @property says we copy it, actually copy itAlex Merry
2013-03-22Account for rounding errors when calculating edge head and tailAlex Merry
2013-03-22Fix parser hack for props containing the word "node"Alex Merry
2013-03-22Save config to disk on closing preambles editor or settings dialogAlex Merry
2013-03-22Add "space" shortcut to refresh preview without it grabbing focusAlex Merry
2013-03-22Select the name field of newly created stylesAlex Merry
2013-03-13Prevent buffer overflowsAlex Merry
2013-03-13Fix the code to grab the first lineAlex Merry
2013-03-11Use a method that actually exists in GNUStepAlex Merry
2013-02-28parser: gives correct error description if parse error is on first lineJohan Paulsson
2013-02-28osx gui: error notification goes away on undoJohan Paulsson
2013-02-27osx gui moved latex settings to preferencesJohan Paulsson
2013-02-26osx gui initial preferences panel with defaults supportJohan Paulsson
2013-02-26osx gui underlines the offending line on a parser error in document messageJohan Paulsson
2013-02-26osx gui parsing errorsJohan Paulsson
2013-02-13GTK: Add shortcuts for changing selection modeAlex Merry
2013-02-12Make sure edge bounds include decorationsAlex Merry
2013-02-06Revert "Remove double-borders from edge style selector"Alex Merry
2013-02-05Remove double-borders from edge style selectorAlex Merry
2013-02-05Force tool buttons to be icon-onlyAlex Merry
2013-02-04warnings--Alex Merry
2013-02-04Add "no style" buttons to node/edge creation toolsAlex Merry
2013-02-04Fix parsing of keywords in property names and valuesAlex Merry