AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-02-04removed depricated (?) --with-qt option from poppler in mac buildupstream/latestAleks Kissinger
2019-02-02push versionAleks Kissinger
2019-02-01recognise more tex symbolsv2.1.4Aleks Kissinger
2019-01-31replace tex constants with unicode equivalentAleks Kissinger
2019-01-29updated CMakeLists as suggested in #25Aleks Kissinger
2019-01-28updated CMakeListsAleks Kissinger
2019-01-28added libz to linux distAleks Kissinger
2019-01-27take font libs back out of linux packageAleks Kissinger
2019-01-27added more deps to the deploy scriptAleks Kissinger
2019-01-25set window geometry after showing it for the first timeAleks Kissinger
2019-01-24made hold shift to scroll a preference (closes #53)Aleks Kissinger
2019-01-24increment version numberAleks Kissinger
2019-01-24store qt version in geometry keys to avoid strange behaviours w multiple Qts ...v2.1.3Aleks Kissinger
2019-01-19merge nodesAleks Kissinger
2019-01-18fixed CTRL key bug and added option to auto-select new edgesAleks Kissinger
2019-01-18ignore pyc filesAleks Kissinger
2019-01-18made scripts executableAleks Kissinger
2019-01-14show outer labelsAleks Kissinger
2019-01-14version incrementAleks Kissinger
2019-01-14pushed auth into query string for gh-getv2.1.2Aleks Kissinger
2019-01-14...Aleks Kissinger
2019-01-14added get scriptAleks Kissinger
2019-01-14fixed curl invokation in github scriptsAleks Kissinger
2019-01-13updated appveyor for github deploysAleks Kissinger
2019-01-13added github AUTO deploy scriptsAleks Kissinger
2019-01-12reverse edge directionAleks Kissinger
2019-01-12fixed bug in sed commandsAleks Kissinger
2019-01-12...Aleks Kissinger
2019-01-12detect poppler version instead of assuming 83Aleks Kissinger
2019-01-12added brew update to travisAleks Kissinger
2019-01-11fixed <> positioning bugAleks Kissinger
2019-01-11put lower bound on weightv2.1.1Aleks Kissinger
2019-01-11smart toolAleks Kissinger
2019-01-11adjust edge weight with arrow keysAleks Kissinger
2019-01-11fixed deselect all not workingAleks Kissinger
2019-01-11keyboard edge bendAleks Kissinger
2019-01-11keep inAngle and outAngle snapped to 15-degree incrementsAleks Kissinger
2019-01-10infinite canvas (closes #20)Aleks Kissinger
2019-01-10arrow issue (fixes #51)Aleks Kissinger
2019-01-08pushed version numAleks Kissinger
2019-01-08re-running preview brings it to frontv2.1Aleks Kissinger
2019-01-08changed menu entryAleks Kissinger
2019-01-07typo2Aleks Kissinger
2019-01-07typoAleks Kissinger
2019-01-07updated build instructionsAleks Kissinger
2019-01-06added [tikzfig] to preview and changed openssl DLLs in deploy scriptAleks Kissinger
2019-01-06fixed looseness/bend bugAleks Kissinger
2019-01-06revert previousAleks Kissinger
2019-01-06include extra dll in windows distAleks Kissinger
2019-01-06add a blank node when previewing empty graphAleks Kissinger