BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
gspr/endian-safetyEndian-safety on big endian architectures.Gard Spreemann9 months
gspr/flexible-outputBoost-less endian conversion.Gard Spreemann3 years
gspr/representative-cocycles-simpler-outputBasic output done, some basic sanity checks done.Gard Spreemann18 months
masterremoved examples and development files for masterUlrich Bauer11 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-09-01removed examples and development files for masterHEADmasterUlrich Bauer
2019-09-01removed benchmark filesUlrich Bauer
2019-08-30updated readmeUlrich Bauer
2019-08-29fixed a bug where in add_coboundary a simplex get added twice to the working_...Ulrich Bauer
2019-08-28readmeUlrich Bauer
2019-08-28renamed add_coboundary methodsUlrich Bauer
2019-08-28Merge commit '94eb1f7db4421e324a827590f60aa236af56666c' into devUlrich Bauer
2019-08-20coboundary enumerator cleanupUlrich Bauer
2019-08-19code cleanup pop_pivotUlrich Bauer
2019-08-19fixed size_t / index_t conversion warningsUlrich Bauer