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2020-12-08Bad path for python versionROUVREAU Vincent
2020-12-08Add build and tests wo cgal and eigen and wo cgalROUVREAU Vincent
2020-08-20Some cleanup. CircleCI docker image build requires updateROUVREAU Vincent
2020-08-20Add some debug traces and install pytest-cov for code coverageROUVREAU Vincent
2020-08-20Let's clean failROUVREAU Vincent
2020-08-20Roll back - why cannot clean ?ROUVREAU Vincent
2020-08-19Try to clean failureROUVREAU Vincent
2020-08-19python code coverage on python circleci target. Fix language_level cython war...ROUVREAU Vincent
2020-06-23Try to build on circle ci with only 1 cpuROUVREAU Vincent
2020-04-20Random CircleCI tweakMarc Glisse
2020-02-12Merge pull request #182 from mglisse/extMarc Glisse
2020-02-06python change directory make copy failROUVREAU Vincent
2020-02-06Rollback latest docker tagROUVREAU Vincent
2020-02-06Use python3ROUVREAU Vincent
2020-02-06Try to use a specific version of docker fileROUVREAU Vincent
2020-02-06must change directory to build pythonROUVREAU Vincent
2020-02-06Install version, clean compilation and test the installed versionROUVREAU Vincent
2019-12-26Checkout submodules in circleciMarc Glisse
2019-12-09use 'ctest --output-on-failure' for unitary testsROUVREAU Vincent
2019-09-09Code review: rename cython as python (make target and directoryROUVREAU Vincent
2019-05-24roll back all tests as it worksROUVREAU Vincent
2019-05-24Debug failed testROUVREAU Vincent
2019-05-24Debug failed testROUVREAU Vincent
2019-04-12Remove debug tracesROUVREAU Vincent
2019-04-12Let's try this fixROUVREAU Vincent
2019-04-12Add sphinx artifactROUVREAU Vincent
2019-04-12Debug bibtex outputROUVREAU Vincent
2019-04-12Add artifact in /tmpROUVREAU Vincent
2019-04-12Add artifact for doxygenROUVREAU Vincent
2019-04-12Add names to command and user version when requiredROUVREAU Vincent
2019-04-12Fix run in stepsROUVREAU Vincent
2019-04-12Add run in stepsROUVREAU Vincent
2019-04-12Add workflowROUVREAU Vincent
2019-04-12Let's try circleciROUVREAU Vincent