AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-10-24Disable build-time tests on i386 too.Gard Spreemann
2019-10-24Disable tests on s390x.Gard Spreemann
2019-10-23Update changelog.debian/3.0.0+dfsg-2Gard Spreemann
2019-10-23Add i386 to list of memory-gentle architectures.Gard Spreemann
2019-10-23Ignore non-existing files when building binary-arch.Gard Spreemann
2019-10-23python3-gudhi is no longer multi-arch: same due to byte-compiled Python files.Gard Spreemann
2019-10-23Don't install byte-compiled Python files, have dh_python3 generate instead.Gard Spreemann
2019-10-23Simplify tests for new version.Gard Spreemann
2019-10-23Require boost 1.56.Gard Spreemann
2019-10-23Delete TODO file.Gard Spreemann
2019-10-23Update changelog.Gard Spreemann
2019-10-23Standards-version.Gard Spreemann
2019-10-23Update copyright.Gard Spreemann
2019-10-23Don't install Miniball copyright notice with headers. Reverts 5f43063ddeafda0...Gard Spreemann
2019-10-22Watch file for GitHub.Gard Spreemann
2019-10-22Correctly install Python modules.Gard Spreemann
2019-10-22Rename GudhUI binary.Gard Spreemann
2019-10-22Patch to install Python modules in correct location.Gard Spreemann
2019-10-22Let CMake control everything.Gard Spreemann
2019-10-22Correct path for include files.Gard Spreemann
2019-10-22Drop CMake files that are no longer available.Gard Spreemann
2019-10-22Correctly handle HTML docs.Gard Spreemann
2019-10-22Remove utilities.Gard Spreemann
2019-10-22Remove handling of files that are no longer installed.Gard Spreemann
2019-09-26Rename examples.Gard Spreemann
2019-09-25Build-dep on setuptools.Gard Spreemann
2019-09-25Improve patches.Gard Spreemann
2019-09-25Disable Sphinx build for now.Gard Spreemann
2019-09-25Refreshed patches.Gard Spreemann
2019-09-25Prepare for refreshed patches.Gard Spreemann
2019-09-25Change maintainer email address.Gard Spreemann
2019-09-25Update changelog.Gard Spreemann
2019-09-25Merge branch 'dfsg/latest' into debian/sidGard Spreemann
2019-09-25Delete ambiguously, or DFSG-incompatibly, licensed data files.Gard Spreemann
2019-09-25Merge tag 'tags/gudhi-release-3.0.0' into dfsg/latestGard Spreemann
2019-09-25Delete all files in order to incorporate upstream's move to git.Gard Spreemann
2019-09-233.0.0 releaseROUVREAU Vincent
2019-09-23Merge pull request #93 from VincentRouvreau/cpp14_for_cgal5Vincent Rouvreau
2019-09-20c++14 in installation documentationROUVREAU Vincent
2019-09-20C++ 14 is the new standard for the projectROUVREAU Vincent
2019-09-18Merge pull request #92 from VincentRouvreau/appveyor_gmp_issueVincent Rouvreau
2019-09-18Fix GMP path for every jobROUVREAU Vincent
2019-09-11Rename Eigen3 as Eigen (sphinx warning)ROUVREAU Vincent
2019-09-11New release candidateROUVREAU Vincent
2019-09-10Rename private variables as some of them are reservedROUVREAU Vincent
2019-09-10Merge pull request #91 from VincentRouvreau/split_gudhi_python_in_modulesVincent Rouvreau
2019-09-10Remove traces as it seems to workROUVREAU Vincent
2019-09-10Add debug tracesROUVREAU Vincent
2019-09-09Target is Cython on Windows, but was renamed python.ROUVREAU Vincent
2019-09-09Add some debug traces to fix windows failROUVREAU Vincent