AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-12-10Need to rebuild gudhi/pip_for_gudhi docker imageROUVREAU Vincent
2020-12-10Build python 3.9 pip package and use python 3.9 as default test packageROUVREAU Vincent
2020-12-10Fix memory leakROUVREAU Vincent
2020-12-09Fix #388ROUVREAU Vincent
2020-12-08Fix #388 for the tests to passROUVREAU Vincent
2020-12-08do not launch test_representation when no potROUVREAU Vincent
2020-12-08rollback test_representation and a CGAL condition to launch itROUVREAU Vincent
2020-12-08Make representations tests work if CGAL and/or POT is not thereROUVREAU Vincent
2020-12-08Bad path for python versionROUVREAU Vincent
2020-12-08Add build and tests wo cgal and eigen and wo cgalROUVREAU Vincent
2020-12-04Changelog for release.debian/3.3.0+dfsg-4Gard Spreemann
2020-11-30Merge pull request #433 from VincentRouvreau/pip_windows_build_fixVincent Rouvreau
2020-11-30Fix pykeops 1.4.2 where version is very verbose on 2 linesROUVREAU Vincent
2020-11-30Test this fix for pip buildROUVREAU Vincent
2020-11-26handle old boostMarc Glisse
2020-11-22Handle squared radiusMarc Glisse
2020-11-18Merge pull request #386 from VincentRouvreau/tutorials_links_in_docVincent Rouvreau
2020-11-18merge master and resolve conflictsROUVREAU Vincent
2020-11-13Merge pull request #425 from mglisse/addonsMarc Glisse
2020-11-13Add tensorflow-addons as test requirementMarc Glisse
2020-11-13Merge pull request #405 from mglisse/botnegMarc Glisse
2020-11-13Test with negative coordinatesMarc Glisse
2020-11-13Merge pull request #423 from mglisse/bettiMarc Glisse
2020-11-10Revert change to the exampleMarc Glisse
2020-11-09Don't test the equality case in sparsify_point_set. sqrt.Marc Glisse
2020-11-09Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into fardistMarc Glisse
2020-11-09static_assert messageMarc Glisse
2020-11-08Test BettiCurve with infinite valueMarc Glisse
2020-11-07Swap clip with int conversionMarc Glisse
2020-11-05More numpy in BettiCurveMarc Glisse
2020-11-04Merge pull request #393 from VincentRouvreau/weighted_alpha_complex_dDVincent Rouvreau
2020-11-04Merge branch 'master' into weighted_alpha_complex_dDROUVREAU Vincent
2020-11-04Merge pull request #421 from mglisse/pythonfirstVincent Rouvreau
2020-11-04Merge pull request #420 from VincentRouvreau/python_examples_with_matplotlibVincent Rouvreau
2020-11-04import matplotlib only when necessary in examples, in function of args. Tests...ROUVREAU Vincent
2020-11-04Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'ROUVREAU Vincent
2020-11-04Merge pull request #418 from VincentRouvreau/do_not_install_compiled_examplesVincent Rouvreau
2020-11-04Revert "Fix #416 by adding full path to introduction.rst - maybe strange with...ROUVREAU Vincent
2020-11-04Build python firstMarc Glisse
2020-11-03Revert "import matplotlib only when necessary in examples, in function of arg...ROUVREAU Vincent
2020-11-03import matplotlib only when necessary in examples, in function of args. Tests...ROUVREAU Vincent
2020-11-03Fix #415 by removing all install cmake targets from examplesROUVREAU Vincent
2020-11-03Fix #416 by adding full path to introduction.rst - maybe strange with conda o...ROUVREAU Vincent
2020-11-03Merge branch 'master' into weighted_alpha_complex_dDROUVREAU Vincent
2020-11-03code review: use Marc's trick to test relative errorROUVREAU Vincent
2020-11-03code review: use relative errorROUVREAU Vincent
2020-11-03doc review: explain briefly test aimsROUVREAU Vincent
2020-11-03Merge pull request #417 from VincentRouvreau/python_stree_boundaries_docVincent Rouvreau
2020-11-03Add comment in code for get_boundaries if not interested in filtration valuesROUVREAU Vincent
2020-11-02Merge pull request #362 from VincentRouvreau/python_stree_boundariesVincent Rouvreau