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2019-09-25Merge pull request #97 from VincentRouvreau/dockerfile_for_gudhi_3.0.0upstream-2/latestVincent Rouvreau
2019-09-25Merge branch 'master' into dockerfile_for_gudhi_3.0.0ROUVREAU Vincent
2019-09-24Add POT for wasserstein purposeROUVREAU Vincent
2019-09-24Rename Dockerfile for circleci. Add a Dockerfile to test the installationROUVREAU Vincent
2019-09-233.0.0 releaseROUVREAU Vincent
2019-09-23Merge pull request #93 from VincentRouvreau/cpp14_for_cgal5Vincent Rouvreau
2019-09-20c++14 in installation documentationROUVREAU Vincent
2019-09-20C++ 14 is the new standard for the projectROUVREAU Vincent
2019-09-18Merge pull request #92 from VincentRouvreau/appveyor_gmp_issueVincent Rouvreau
2019-09-18Fix GMP path for every jobROUVREAU Vincent
2019-09-11Rename Eigen3 as Eigen (sphinx warning)ROUVREAU Vincent
2019-09-11New release candidateROUVREAU Vincent
2019-09-10Rename private variables as some of them are reservedROUVREAU Vincent
2019-09-10Merge pull request #91 from VincentRouvreau/split_gudhi_python_in_modulesVincent Rouvreau
2019-09-10Remove traces as it seems to workROUVREAU Vincent
2019-09-10Add debug tracesROUVREAU Vincent
2019-09-09Target is Cython on Windows, but was renamed python.ROUVREAU Vincent
2019-09-09Add some debug traces to fix windows failROUVREAU Vincent
2019-09-09typo after search and replaceROUVREAU Vincent
2019-09-09Merge branch 'master' into split_gudhi_python_in_modulesROUVREAU Vincent
2019-09-09Code review: rename cython as python (make target and directoryROUVREAU Vincent
2019-09-06Use setuptools to remove warnings about install_requires and setup_requiresROUVREAU Vincent
2019-09-05Reduce number of linesROUVREAU Vincent
2019-09-05Reduce number of code lineROUVREAU Vincent
2019-08-30Eigen scope refineROUVREAU Vincent
2019-08-30Modify the documentation headers with last web site modificationsROUVREAU Vincent
2019-08-29GUDHI version 3.0.0.rc1ROUVREAU Vincent
2019-08-29Add conda installation. NumPy became mandatoryROUVREAU Vincent
2019-08-29Merge pull request #83 from VincentRouvreau/split_gudhi_python_in_modulesVincent Rouvreau
2019-08-29Merge pull request #85 from VincentRouvreau/check_third_parties_at_compilationVincent Rouvreau
2019-08-20Fix issue #10 and modify main and installation documentations accordinglyROUVREAU Vincent
2019-08-20Add include iostream when needed, and remove CGAL includes when not requiredROUVREAU Vincent
2019-08-19Merge pull request #84 from VincentRouvreau/gpl_to_mitVincent Rouvreau
2019-08-14Fix #35 Modify Copyright as GUDHI is not only a C++ libraryROUVREAU Vincent
2019-08-09More max_alpha_square hiding/warning. Warn about alternate definition of Rips.Marc Glisse
2019-08-09Merge pull request #60 from GUDHI/simplex_tree_insert_duplicated_vertices_fix...Vincent Rouvreau
2019-08-09Rollback comments as Python version worksROUVREAU Vincent
2019-08-09Seems to work. try all testsROUVREAU Vincent
2019-08-09Try with cython.slnROUVREAU Vincent
2019-08-09Add verbose for ctestROUVREAU Vincent
2019-08-08ctest requires -C on WindowsROUVREAU Vincent
2019-08-08try to debug windows bugROUVREAU Vincent
2019-08-08try to debug windows bugROUVREAU Vincent
2019-08-08try to debug windows bugROUVREAU Vincent
2019-08-08try to debug windows bugROUVREAU Vincent
2019-08-08Add persistence_graphical_tools mechanismROUVREAU Vincent
2019-08-08Merge branch 'master' into split_gudhi_python_in_modulesROUVREAU Vincent
2019-08-08Rename bottleneck_distance module name as bottleneck. Cannot have gudhi.bottl...ROUVREAU Vincent
2019-08-07Add the rest of modulesROUVREAU Vincent
2019-08-06Add all modules that do not depend on Simplex treeROUVREAU Vincent