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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-09-233.0.0 releaseROUVREAU Vincent
2019-09-11New release candidateROUVREAU Vincent
2019-08-29GUDHI version 3.0.0.rc1ROUVREAU Vincent
2019-06-14Remove gudhi_patches for CGAL and CGAL 4.11.0 is now the minimal CGAL version...ROUVREAU Vincent
2018-09-04Use debug or release version to link with python packagevrouvrea
2018-08-31GUDHI release 2.3.0 candidate 3vrouvrea
2018-08-30Release 2.3.0 candidate 2vrouvrea
2018-08-302.3.0 release candidate 1vrouvrea
2018-06-13Version 2.2.0vrouvrea
2018-06-07Use release candidate instead of beta tagvrouvrea
2018-06-07beta version for Gudhi 2.2.0vrouvrea
2018-01-31For official GUDHI versionvrouvrea
2017-12-14Version numbersvrouvrea
2017-09-29Gudhi version 2.0.1vrouvrea
2017-09-26Gudhi 2.0.1-rc2 versionvrouvrea
2017-08-22Version files modification for new releasevrouvrea
2017-06-16Fix Python module version numervrouvrea
2017-01-31Rename Rips and Alpha concept file namesvrouvrea
2016-09-12Patch for 3 billions of simplices patch version 1.3.1vrouvrea
2016-03-09Add header and footer to generated documentation in order to fit with the web...vrouvrea
2015-10-06GUDHIConfig.cmake and GUDHIVersion.cmake generationvrouvrea