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2019-09-09Code review: rename cython as python (make target and directoryROUVREAU Vincent
2018-10-12Merge last trunk modificationsvrouvrea
2018-10-03Modify "-pedantic" compiler option management in order to be tracedvrouvrea
2018-09-28 - [Cmake - Qt5] CMake out...vrouvrea
2018-05-28Merge last trunk modificationsvrouvrea
2018-05-22-pedantic is only for developpersvrouvrea
2018-05-15CMake minimal version is now 3.1vrouvrea
2018-02-16Add Cech complex. Do not compile yet.vrouvrea
2017-12-06Merge C++ version of persistence representationvrouvrea
2017-11-16Fix compilationvrouvrea
2017-11-07git-svn-id: svn+ssh://
2017-11-07git-svn-id: svn+ssh://
2017-06-16Merge last modifications from read_persistence_from_file branchvrouvrea
2017-06-08Merge last trunk modificationsvrouvrea
2017-06-08Add modules as CMake options in order to be able to activate/desactivate comp...vrouvrea
2017-05-30Merge last trunk modificationsvrouvrea
2017-05-30Fix spell checker errorsvrouvrea
2017-05-30Merge gudhi_stat branchvrouvrea
2017-05-19Move src/common/utilities/hypergenerator.cpp in src/common/utilitiesvrouvrea
2017-05-18Modify the way cmake handles utilities, examples, test and benchmarks with ne...vrouvrea
2017-05-16Merged latest trunk changes to Nerve_GICmcarrier
2017-05-12git-svn-id: svn+ssh://
2017-04-18Rename CMake testsvrouvrea
2017-04-14Remove scripts/, use make user_versionvrouvrea
2017-04-01Merge last trunk modifications and fix new rips interfacevrouvrea
2017-03-31solved problem with cmake.pdlotko
2017-03-31Fix examples testsvrouvrea
2017-03-30Move example tests in a new CMakeLists.txtvrouvrea
2017-03-29Shall not be commitedvrouvrea
2017-03-28Use only insert (simplex and subfaces)vrouvrea
2017-03-24Factorize third party management and extract them from CMakeLists.txtvrouvrea
2017-03-23Merge ST_cythonize branch into the trunkvrouvrea
2017-03-03Merge last trunk modificatinosvrouvrea
2017-03-02Remove clang sanitizer optionsvrouvrea
2017-03-02Add Boost system libraries for examples using persistencevrouvrea
2017-02-28Move -DBOOST_ALL_DYN_LINK from persistence to global CMakeLists.txt (also req...vrouvrea
2017-01-24Merge last trunk modificationsvrouvrea
2017-01-16Merge last trunk modificationsvrouvrea
2017-01-04Move bottleneck_chrono in benchmarkvrouvrea
2016-12-15Merge last trunk modificationsvrouvrea
2016-11-16Merged last trunk modificationsvrouvrea
2016-10-20Merge last trunk modificationvrouvrea
2016-10-11Problem of merge with tangentialcomplex branch.vrouvrea
2016-10-11adding answert to Vincent's commentspdlotko
2016-10-04Merge last trunk modificationsvrouvrea
2016-09-30Fix compilation issuesvrouvrea
2016-09-29Fix doxygenvrouvrea
2016-09-28Add rips complex module and first modification stepvrouvrea
2016-09-27Merge last trunk modificationsvrouvrea