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2020-08-11Merge tag 'tags/gudhi-release-3.3.0' into dfsg/latestGard Spreemann
2020-07-02Merge branch 'master' into edge_collapse_integration_vincentROUVREAU Vincent
2020-03-19better to test with tore3D_1307ROUVREAU Vincent
2020-03-19Same test for point cloud and distance matrix. Collapse distance matrix to us...ROUVREAU Vincent
2020-03-19utilities from off points and from distance matrixROUVREAU Vincent
2020-03-14Some introductory documentationMarc Glisse
2019-09-25Delete ambiguously, or DFSG-incompatibly, licensed data files.Gard Spreemann
2019-06-13Change CopyrightROUVREAU Vincent
2019-06-06Merge pull request #66 from VincentRouvreau/small_fixesVincent Rouvreau
2019-06-05Merge branch 'master' into kernelsROUVREAU Vincent
2019-06-05Fix #20: Add OFF section in file format and all documents target to it instea...ROUVREAU Vincent
2019-02-12Add unitary test for inf value readvrouvrea
2018-09-25merge last trunk modificationsvrouvrea
2018-09-17Add benchmarkvrouvrea
2018-09-14Use another point set. bunny is too big for unit testsvrouvrea
2018-09-13Add bunny_1000 for weighted periodic testvrouvrea
2018-08-13git-svn-id: svn+ssh://
2018-08-09Make copyright clearervrouvrea
2018-08-09Copyright clarification for filevrouvrea
2018-06-27merged trunkmcarrier
2018-06-06Fix sphinx warning and issues due to new version of sphinxvrouvrea
2018-04-23added unitary tests for kernelsmcarrier
2018-04-03Merge last trunk modificationsvrouvrea
2018-02-15integrated kernel code in pers_representation branchmcarrier
2018-02-13Fix strange formatvrouvrea
2018-02-02Merge last trunk modificatvrouvrea
2018-01-08Merge of branch persistence_representation_integration_cmake_improvementvrouvrea
2018-01-03git-svn-id: svn+ssh://
2017-12-22data files should not be executableglisse
2017-12-20Merge 1_fold_cover_periodic_alpha_complexes branchvrouvrea
2017-12-14Add cmake improvement for Persistence representation module.vrouvrea
2017-12-06Merge C++ version of persistence representationvrouvrea
2017-11-16Merge last trunk modificationsvrouvrea
2017-11-09Merge last trunk modificationsvrouvrea
2017-11-07git-svn-id: svn+ssh://
2017-10-23git-svn-id: svn+ssh://
2017-10-10Fix tests and homogenize codevrouvrea
2017-10-09git-svn-id: svn+ssh://
2017-10-02Fix weighted periodic alpa complex 3d example testvrouvrea
2017-10-02Fix weighted periodicvrouvrea
2017-10-02Fix weighted_alpha_complex_3d_persistence to work with CGAL 4.11 (2 cpp and c...vrouvrea
2017-09-28Move correlation matrix in a dedicated foldervrouvrea
2017-09-25Adding all that is needed for Rips complex construction from correlation matr...pdlotko
2017-09-18git-svn-id: svn+ssh://
2017-07-03git-svn-id: svn+ssh://
2017-06-15Add files for test purposevrouvrea
2017-05-31Add persistence diagram samplescjamin
2017-05-30Merge last trunk modificationsvrouvrea
2017-05-30Merge gudhi_stat branchvrouvrea
2017-05-18Modify the way cmake handles utilities, examples, test and benchmarks with ne...vrouvrea