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2019-06-18scripts cleanupROUVREAU Vincent
2018-09-28Merge branch cmake_missing_modules_clarification_vincentvrouvrea
2018-08-31Add script to automize gudhi version creationvrouvrea
2018-02-22Fix Cech with radius distancevrouvrea
2017-11-16Add a script to concatenate utilities/README filesvrouvrea
2017-04-14Remove scripts/, use make user_versionvrouvrea
2017-03-03Merge last trunk modificatinosvrouvrea
2017-03-01Remove Debian directory.glisse
2016-04-25Merge last trunk modificationsvrouvrea
2016-04-14Merge last trunk modifications (version 1.3.0)vrouvrea
2016-04-08Merge from trunk.glisse
2016-04-08GUDHIConfig.cmake fixvrouvrea
2016-04-06GUDHIConfig.cmake fixvrouvrea
2016-02-16Mini Simplex tree fixvrouvrea
2015-11-07Update script for the new debian directory.glisse
2015-10-23generate_version excludes bottleneck for version 1.2.0 - to be removed for 1.3.0vrouvrea
2015-10-06Cmake fixesvrouvrea
2015-10-06Missing CMake filesvrouvrea must accept version file for generate purposevrouvrea
2015-10-06GUDHIConfig.cmake and GUDHIVersion.cmake generationvrouvrea
2015-10-02Doxygen to be made from user version. Hypergenerator fix. Add definitions for...vrouvrea
2015-04-28GudhUI compilation issue and generate version for GudhUI issue fixesvrouvrea
2015-04-02Again a fix...vrouvrea
2015-04-02xml gen errorvrouvrea
2015-04-02add gprof tags - fixesvrouvrea
2015-04-02bug fix for xml version 2vrouvrea
2015-04-01Bad copy/pastevrouvrea
2015-04-01GCovr replaces lcov - cpplint_to_cppcheckxml to be conform with xml version 2 vrouvrea
2015-04-01chmod +xvrouvrea
2015-04-01Add cpplint converter to cppcheck xml formatvrouvrea
2015-04-01new cpplint versionvrouvrea
2015-04-01No more need of this scriptvrouvrea
2015-01-15Merged latest trunk changes to my_branch and fixvrouvrea
2015-01-05Not required, finallyvrouvrea
2015-01-05Add scripts for Windows/Linux cmake - Continous Integrationvrouvrea
2014-12-16Merge of cpplint branchvrouvrea
2014-12-15CMakeLists.txt uniformization. check_google_style bug fix. generate_version c...vrouvrea
2014-12-10Add examples in testsvrouvrea
2014-12-10Add persistent unit test - warning fix - cpplint fixvrouvrea
2014-12-08Add of tests toolsvrouvrea
2014-12-05Moved into trunkvrouvrea