BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
debian/sidAllow tests to output to stderr without causing failure.Gard Spreemann4 weeks
upstream/latestupdated version numbers and copyrightUlrich Bauer3 years
debian/1.5-5commit 30cde76739...Gard Spreemann4 weeks
debian/1.5-4commit 31d1a54ed8...Gard Spreemann4 weeks
debian/1.5-3commit 0717ecf1f8...Gard Spreemann8 months
debian/1.5-2commit 2ec9321375...Gard Spreemann8 months
debian/1.5-1commit a65b6d3657...Gard Spreemann12 months
mentors/20190220commit a65b6d3657...Gard Spreemann14 months
mentors/20190208commit fc0ba52e7d...Gard Spreemann14 months
v1.5commit 872ca92b33...Ulrich Bauer3 years
v1.4.1commit c436156415...Ulrich Bauer4 years
v1.4commit 0475a70d2d...Ulrich Bauer4 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2017-01-24updated version numbers and copyrightv1.5upstream/latestUlrich Bauer
2017-01-24Merge branch 'python-pr' into masterUlrich Bauer
2017-01-05added PHAT paper referenceUlrich Bauer
2017-01-04Merge branch 'master' into python-prUlrich Bauer
2017-01-04inline functions to avoid linker problemsUlrich Bauer
2016-12-19Function dualize_persistence_pairs made inline to avoid linker problemmkerber
2016-12-12Merge commit 'd8ef50e225f7abfbf8d085c808e77857827e5274' into python-prUlrich Bauer
2016-12-08Added note that phat module can be installed with pip, without downloading so...Bryn Keller
2016-12-08Updated to mention the Python bindings, set python bindings version...Bryn Keller
2016-12-09preparing for 1.5 releaseUlrich Bauer