AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-03-07Add patch to allow floating point behavior differences in tests.debian/0.6.0-2debian/sidGard Spreemann
2020-02-06Remove multi-arch support. There'll probably be byte-compiled Spreemann
2020-02-06Update changelog.Gard Spreemann
2020-02-06Standards-version.Gard Spreemann
2019-07-22Allow tests to use stderr.mentors/20190722Gard Spreemann
2019-07-22Update changelog.Gard Spreemann
2019-07-22Initial autopkgtest support.Gard Spreemann
2019-07-22Simplify watch file.Gard Spreemann
2019-07-17Build-dep on nose for testing.Gard Spreemann
2019-07-17Watch file.Gard Spreemann
2019-07-17Multi-arch same.Gard Spreemann
2019-07-17Build-depend on cython.Gard Spreemann
2019-07-17Merge tag '0.6.0' into debian/sidGard Spreemann
2019-07-17Initial commit of Debian packaging.Gard Spreemann
2018-09-20Spike Order support (#39)0.6.0upstream/latestMario Mulansky
2018-02-10Merge pull request #32 from mariomulansky/remove-python33Mario Mulansky
2018-02-10Merge pull request #31 from jonathanjouty/masterMario Mulansky
2018-02-07Remove Python 3.3 from travisMario Mulansky
2018-02-04Make merge_spike_trains work with empty spike trains, and fasterJonathan Jouty
2017-10-04Version bumpMario Mulansky
2017-10-04Fix library status stringMario Mulansky
2017-10-04Fix typo in emailMario Mulansky
2017-10-04Merge branch 'master' of Mulansky
2017-10-04Update version in docs0.5.2Mario Mulansky
2017-10-04Merge pull request #27 from mariomulansky/developMario Mulansky
2017-10-04defer numpy import to allow install_requires to do its job (fixes #24)Dan Meliza
2017-10-04Bump versionMario Mulansky
2017-10-04Remove Python2.6, add Python3.6 from/to CIMario Mulansky
2017-10-03Merge pull request #25 from melizalab/masterMario Mulansky
2017-10-02defer numpy import to allow install_requires to do its job (fixes #24)Dan Meliza
2016-10-30fixed typoMario Mulansky
2016-10-30updated referencesMario Mulansky
2016-10-27Added SoftwareX reference and Spike-Order noteMario Mulansky
2016-06-19increased travis wait time for numeric testsMario Mulansky
2016-06-18added missing data files for testsMario Mulansky
2016-06-18Merge branch 'import_time_series' into developMario Mulansky
2016-06-18added function to import time seriesMario Mulansky
2016-03-24bugfix for Python 3 (xrange->range)Mario Mulansky
2016-03-24quick fix in format stringMario Mulansky
2016-03-24add empty spike trains when loading from txtMario Mulansky
2016-03-24added test for save spike train functionalityMario Mulansky
2016-03-24+function for saving spike trains to txt filesMario Mulansky
2016-03-09new version: 0.5.1Mario Mulansky
2016-03-09Merge pull request #21 from mariomulansky/unified_interface0. Mulansky
2016-03-09updated examples to use new unified interfaceMario Mulansky
2016-03-09deprecated old multivariate functionsMario Mulansky
2016-02-03fixed spike-sync bugMario Mulansky
2016-02-02new generic interface for spike_sync functionsMario Mulansky
2016-01-31generic interface for spike distance/profileMario Mulansky
2016-01-31generalized interface to isi profile and distanceMario Mulansky