AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-03-08Use assert_allclose instead of assert_equal in tests to allow for different f...gspr/issue-44Gard Spreemann
2018-09-20Add missing line in tutorialMario Mulansky
2018-09-20Add Spike Order example and Tutorial sectionMario Mulansky
2018-09-19Fix incorrect integrals in PieceWiseLinFunc (#38)Mario Mulansky
2018-07-21Fix incorrect integrals in PieceWiseConstFunc (#36)Jonathan Jouty
2018-07-21Fix bug in calling Python backendMario Mulansky
2018-07-15Remove debug print from testsMario Mulansky
2018-07-15Clean up directionality module, add doxy.Mario Mulansky
2018-06-09Add directionality to docs, bump versionMario Mulansky
2018-06-09Merge branch 'new_directionality' into developMario Mulansky
2018-06-09Merge branch 'develop' of into developMario Mulansky
2018-06-09remove commented codeMario Mulansky
2018-06-02Merge branch 'new_directionality' of into ne...Mario Mulansky
2018-06-02Fix absolute imports in directionality measuresMario Mulansky
2018-06-02another python3 fixMario Mulansky
2018-06-02python3 fixesMario Mulansky
2018-06-02updated test case to new spike sync behaviorMario Mulansky
2018-06-02added coincidence single profile to python backendMario Mulansky
2018-06-02spike sync filtering, cython sim annMario Mulansky
2018-06-02added SPIKE-Sync based filteringMario Mulansky
2018-06-02completed python directionality backendMario Mulansky
2018-06-02further refactoring of directionalityMario Mulansky
2018-06-02reorganized directionality moduleMario Mulansky
2018-02-10Merge pull request #32 from mariomulansky/remove-python33Mario Mulansky
2018-02-10Merge pull request #31 from jonathanjouty/masterMario Mulansky
2018-02-07Remove Python 3.3 from travisMario Mulansky
2018-02-04Make merge_spike_trains work with empty spike trains, and fasterJonathan Jouty
2017-10-05Merge pull request #28 from mariomulansky/masterMario Mulansky
2017-10-04Version bumpMario Mulansky
2017-10-04Fix library status stringMario Mulansky
2017-10-04Fix typo in emailMario Mulansky
2017-10-04Merge branch 'master' of Mulansky
2017-10-04Update version in docs0.5.2Mario Mulansky
2017-10-04Merge pull request #27 from mariomulansky/developMario Mulansky
2017-10-04defer numpy import to allow install_requires to do its job (fixes #24)Dan Meliza
2017-10-04Bump versionMario Mulansky
2017-10-04Remove Python2.6, add Python3.6 from/to CIMario Mulansky
2017-10-03Merge pull request #25 from melizalab/masterMario Mulansky
2017-10-02defer numpy import to allow install_requires to do its job (fixes #24)Dan Meliza
2016-10-30fixed typoMario Mulansky
2016-10-30updated referencesMario Mulansky
2016-10-27Added SoftwareX reference and Spike-Order noteMario Mulansky
2016-06-19increased travis wait time for numeric testsMario Mulansky
2016-06-18added missing data files for testsMario Mulansky
2016-06-18Merge branch 'import_time_series' into developMario Mulansky
2016-06-18added function to import time seriesMario Mulansky
2016-03-29another python3 fixMario Mulansky
2016-03-29python3 fixesMario Mulansky
2016-03-29updated test case to new spike sync behaviorMario Mulansky
2016-03-29Merge branch 'develop' into new_directionalityMario Mulansky