AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-10-30Categories for .desktop file.gspr/desktop-categoryGard Spreemann
2018-10-25set up CI only to run on masterAleks Kissinger
2018-10-24...Aleks Kissinger
2018-10-24removed texopen.pyAleks Kissinger
2018-10-23added ssl to linux deployAleks Kissinger
2018-10-23other updates to readmeAleks Kissinger
2018-10-23removed WIP statement from readmeAleks Kissinger
2018-10-23added https again, and including OpenSSL libs in distv2.0Aleks Kissinger
2018-10-23back to http, but with input validationAleks Kissinger
2018-10-23removed sdk lineAleks Kissinger
2018-10-23set lower SDK version for old mac buildAleks Kissinger
2018-10-23added input validation on version responseAleks Kissinger
2018-10-23backslashAleks Kissinger
2018-10-23...Aleks Kissinger
2018-10-23per-build artifactsAleks Kissinger
2018-10-23fixed pathAleks Kissinger
2018-10-23added reg fileAleks Kissinger
2018-10-23all deploy flags onAleks Kissinger
2018-10-22updated windows deploy scriptAleks Kissinger
2018-10-22added https and linux deployAleks Kissinger
2018-10-22Merge pull request #34 from iblech/patch-1Aleks Kissinger
2018-10-22Merge pull request #36 from iblech/patch-2Aleks Kissinger
2018-10-22Allow for the standard way of passing PREFIX to qmake (fixes #35)Ingo Blechschmidt
2018-10-22updated version in header and added deploy scriptsAleks Kissinger
2018-10-21Use https instead of http for improved securityIngo Blechschmidt
2018-10-21add automatic update checking (closes #33)Aleks Kissinger
2018-10-20added about boxAleks Kissinger
2018-10-20update aptAleks Kissinger
2018-10-20use 1804 imageAleks Kissinger
2018-10-20added -y flagAleks Kissinger
2018-10-20turned deploy back off, added appveyor build for linuxAleks Kissinger
2018-10-20set mountain lion job to deployAleks Kissinger
2018-10-20updated readme (#18) and turned mac deployment back onAleks Kissinger
2018-10-20removed new-style QAction constructorsAleks Kissinger
2018-10-20removed tikzlexer.h from repo (closes #31)Aleks Kissinger
2018-10-20added mac target for qt 5.6Aleks Kissinger
2018-10-18set up install paths (fixes #32)Aleks Kissinger
2018-10-18added docks to View menu (closes #29)Aleks Kissinger
2018-10-18added winflexbison support and updated appveyorAleks Kissinger
2018-10-18moving to project dirAleks Kissinger
2018-10-18added projectAleks Kissinger
2018-10-18simplifiedAleks Kissinger
2018-10-18added appveyor windows buildAleks Kissinger
2018-10-16building againAleks Kissinger
2018-10-16...Aleks Kissinger
2018-10-16removed cacheAleks Kissinger
2018-10-16cache testAleks Kissinger
2018-10-16added some caching for homebrewAleks Kissinger
2018-10-16fixed #19Aleks Kissinger
2018-10-16fixed colorsAleks Kissinger