AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
4 daysCorrect vcs-browser URLdebian/sidGard Spreemann
5 daysCorrect typodebian/1.6-2Gard Spreemann
5 daysChangelog for releaseGard Spreemann
5 daysExpand copyright rangeGard Spreemann
5 daysStandards-versionGard Spreemann
5 daysStart upstream metadata fileGard Spreemann
2020-08-27Undo typo in copyright range.Gard Spreemann
2020-08-27Use full name in long description.debian/1.6-1Gard Spreemann
2020-08-27Update copyright dates.Gard Spreemann
2020-08-27Update changelog for release.Gard Spreemann
2020-08-27DH 13.Gard Spreemann
2020-08-27Changelog.Gard Spreemann
2020-08-27Git to Salsa.Gard Spreemann
2020-08-27Merge tag 'v1.6' into debian/sidGard Spreemann
2020-08-25more formatting issuesupstream/latestMichael Kerber
2020-08-25Idented code again (md-Syntax)mkerber
2020-08-24Added download tag for new versionMichael Kerber
2020-08-24CosmeticsMichael Kerber
2020-08-24Increased version numberMichael Kerber
2020-08-24New method "set_dimension" to control the number of rows in the matrix, if ne...Michael Kerber
2020-08-24Removed indentation in example to easier copy-and-paster on command lineMichael Kerber
2020-08-24Fixed python wrapper with respect to updateMichael Kerber
2020-08-24Missing fileMichael Kerber
2020-08-24Merged in column_refactoring (pull request #4)mkerber
2020-04-14Rules-requires-root no.Gard Spreemann
2020-03-14Allow tests to output to stderr without causing failure.debian/1.5-5Gard Spreemann
2020-03-13Standards version.debian/1.5-4Gard Spreemann
2020-03-13Changelog.Gard Spreemann
2020-03-13Add test for python3-phat.Gard Spreemann
2020-03-13Add test for phat-utils.Gard Spreemann
2020-03-09Merged in xoltar/phat/example-use-default-repr (pull request #2)Bryn Keller
2020-03-09Merged in xoltar/phat/fix-2 (pull request #3)Bryn Keller
2019-08-15NEWS entry about package name reuse.debian/1.5-3Gard Spreemann
2019-08-15Remove Lintian override.debian/1.5-2Gard Spreemann
2019-08-15Update changelog.Gard Spreemann
2019-08-15Update maintainer email.Gard Spreemann
2019-08-15Standards-version Spreemann
2019-02-20Update changelog.mentors/20190220debian/1.5-1Gard Spreemann
2019-02-19python3-phat should not be "Multi-Arch: same" since it ships byte-compiled Py...Gard Spreemann
2019-02-19Build Python interface.Gard Spreemann
2019-02-08Bump changelog date.mentors/20190208Gard Spreemann
2019-02-08Compat 12.Gard Spreemann
2019-02-08Let the description reflect that the library is header-only.Gard Spreemann
2019-02-08Match packaging license with upstream's.Gard Spreemann
2019-02-08Update CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE patch to be more upstreamable, allowing a default bui...Gard Spreemann
2019-01-30Update changelog with RFP bug.Gard Spreemann
2019-01-30Add lintian override for maintainer's name.Gard Spreemann
2019-01-30Man page for phat utility.Gard Spreemann
2019-01-30Patch to not force the CMAKE build type.Gard Spreemann
2019-01-30Initial Debian packaging.Gard Spreemann